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Venus's Age and Heat on Thundebolts Forum, Stellar Metamorphosis

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Venus is at least twice the age of Earth, and Earth at least 10-20 times older than Jupiter and Saturn.

If Venus is so old, then why is Venus so flaming hot?

Venus is indeed warm, but more so than early sci-fi authors suspected. The surface temperature is ~860 F (460 C) -- [highlight]hot enough to melt lead![/highlight] The air is thick and steamy, too. ... A runaway greenhouse effect is what makes Venus even hotter than Mercury!

Can Global Warming be affecting Venus?
I thought of asking Al Gore, but he would probably just say 10,000 scientists couldn't be wrong :-)

Saying Venus is hot is not included in stellar metamorphosis simply because Venus is the entire object in this theory. Venus's atmosphere on the other hand gets hotter the deeper you go until you reach the surface. It is similar to saying, "The propane torch is hot." Sure it is where the flame is, but the bottle and nozzle are relatively cold.

In this theory, Venus has a hot atmosphere, that is true, because its trapping the heat like a giant thermal blanket, trapping radiative and convective heat. I would say that 860 F temperature is quite hot, but as a whole, take the blankie away, and Venus would be a cold dead world depending on which side was not facing the Sun at any given moment. In this theory, Venus is a dead world. No volcanoes, no strong magnetic field, no surface magma. Venus is well past her prime, and well into her twilight years. Shes a great, great grandma.

She is a prime example of what Earth will resemble in her twilight years. The case to be made is that Earth will die, with or without us, and will resemble Venus eventually many hundreds of millions of years into the future. Of course, that is what is predicted by stellar metamorphosis.

Venus is a dead Earth.

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