Monday, September 2, 2019

Some Thoughts on the Progress of Stellar Metamorphosis

Now that I have some years experience working and sharing the discovery that planets are actually ancient stars (planet formation IS star evolution), 8 years exactly today, I can say there are a lot of lessons learned that I absolutely need to share with young people concerning success and hardship.

I originally thought that if I just shared this idea with people, say minimum 10 people, the idea would catch on like wildfire. Turns out that was incredibly naive.

I originally thought that if my papers got at least 100 views that it would be totally over for the dogma. They would change course and come to terms with reality, that stars evolve into planets (meaning the two physical constructs were never independent of each other). This was NOT the case. I can say this even more so now, as not even 50,000+ downloads of the vixra papers later has the dogma changed course. I counted them by plugging in the numbers, its over 50,000.  Here is the main page:

So if you do some quick math, I was wrong by a multiple of 500. Not only that, I continue to be wrong, as that multiple continues to grow. There to this day, after 8 years of spreading the discovery that Earth is an ancient star, does not exist a SINGLE mainstream publication or news article sharing the discovery with the public. NOT ONE. NOT A SINGLE ARTICLE. Not even after 8 years! 8 years!

Let me serve as an example for the people who want to be successful in life. Success does not come easy, nor does it come within a couple of months. Success for me is turning out to take, officially, even longer than 8 years. This isn't to say I have had smaller successes that are incredibly valuable. Such as a person on youtube that commented this on the "the general theory" video:

"That was epic. When I took astronomy 101 and 202 I never could come to terms with how they said our solar system was created. None of it made any reasonable sense. This does! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain it to us plebs."

Sure, its not a mainstream publication, or National Geographic, or some peer reviewed journal... it is much more than that. An underground, public acknowledgement that this theory makes reasonable sense. See? Sure, there are ideas in the mainstream that everybody accepts and are discussed and whatever, but they stink. They do not make reasonable sense. Publication in some mainstream article, magazine, book or news publication does not always equal an idea that makes reasonable sense anyways.

One day we will break free, but honestly, I don't see it happening any time soon. It will take at least another 20 years to see at least something. The year 2039 I'll get to see a single news article about the discovery, until then? We wait.

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