Friday, March 21, 2014

Why Establishment Scientists Disappoint Me

I know its egotistical. I have to say it though.

Establishment astronomers/astrophysicists have no backbone.

They are cowards.

They all know the Big Bang is complete bullshit. Where are all the papers showing how wrong and nonsensical it is? Seriously? They are so concerned with what people think of them, that they are afraid to stand up for what is right!

If there's anything I learned in life, its you will always have haters. God herself could come down to Earth and help people, and there would still be some asshole who's like "faker!" "loser", "dumbass", "fraud".

It's called ridicule. Establishment scientists are scared to death of it. Establishment scientists let fear swing them around by their tails. Not me. Its all carpet bombing and guerrilla warfare from here on out. It's time to make them either put up, or shut up. I'm sick of the Big Bang Creationism propaganda. They are crowding out human ingenuity and discovery. I'm not just talking about myself either. There are literally thousands of scientists who have their ideas ridiculed and censored. Just check out General Science Journal and if you don't believe me.

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