Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Miles Mathis and his π Arguments

Miles Mathis is a very intelligent fellow. I enjoy reading his papers and ideas about things. He has a refreshing new take on almost everything math and physics related, and many of his ideas can be expanded into new avenues of thought which can branch out into thoughts of their own.

...but all gardens can have weeds...

An unwillingness to pull the weeds, when outsiders can clearly see them, is another story.

I think his argument of π equaling 4 is a weed for practicality purposes. All engineering projects use π as 3.14159... for their projects and designs, in the real world.

In math, π can probably equal any number you want, because math is not physics. In math you can have imaginary and irrational numbers. In physics there is nothing imaginary or irrational, either its there or it isn't, and it is perfect or it isn't. Mother nature doesn't half-ass things and make shit up like mathematicians do.

So my argument is stated:

  1. In reality and in physics, π is 3.14159...
  2. In math, π  can be any number you want.

Thus, in Miles Mathis's arguments of  π equaling 4, it does not matter. Any mathematician can argue number stuff into oblivion and it does not mean it has anything to do with reality. This is a huge problem I am seeing with mathematicians thinking they are physicists. They confuse their math formulas with real things. There should be a demarcation between math and physics, sadly there isn't anymore. 

Miles is wasting his time on me with the
π stuff. I already understand math is not physics. Math can describe physical things, but it is not the Ox pulling the cart, math is the cart.

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