Friday, May 13, 2016

Obliterating the Nebular Hypothesis, Stellar Metamorphosis, Weird Star System

Well, I read the article. What is never mentioned is that this system completely obliterates the protoplanetary disk/nebular hypothesis.

In the disk/nebular theory there can be only one star which centralizes the mass and the planets are by-products of its formation. Unfortunately this has a star orbiting a star and its planet.

It is very easy to explain what's going on here. There are three stars in this configuration, all in different stages to their evolution. They all took up orbit around each other after they formed in different parts of the galaxy.

They will all evolve together in this configuration temporarily as they lose mass and cool. This system will disintegrate and the objects will eject themselves from their orbits to then take up orbit around other hotter, younger stars. As that happens their physical characteristics will have changed dramatically. This fact is covered in stellar metamorphosis theory.

They mix all the time, all over the galaxy. It is nothing less than pure chaos, unfortunately mathematicians think its orderly. Appearing orderly and being orderly are not the same thing. I guess it is orderly on short time scales, but once you start speeding things up and stretch the time variable, it becomes chaotic.

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