Monday, May 16, 2016, Exoplanets, Stellar metamorphosis, Stellar Ages

I listened to this podcast with my brother in the car this last Saturday, May 14 2016. I am on vacation in D.C. right now and he has lots of books and audio things to listen to. Lots of book. Literally thousands in his house.

One of the listeners asked a question of how do the exoplanets ages become known... the guest stated something like helioseismology quakes determine their ages...

I'm just glad she didn't mention the outrageous big bang theory. I guess that's a plus. In stellar metamorphosis though the age of the exoplanet cannot be determined by the age of its host star. They are not related at all. They are vastly different ages. I think I should write another paper to clarify this reality for my audience.

Listen for yourself.

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