Monday, May 16, 2016

The Great Oxygenation Event, Stellar Metamorphosis,

Here is a short paper placing Earth's history firmly inside of earlier stages of evolution with the evidence of the great oxygenation event as a backdrop.

It is quite simple really. You have a span of time with which stars have highly reducing atmospheres, and those atmospheres give way to a large decrease in hydrogen... what happens when the hydrogen dissipates? Well, the heavy gases are left behind... to allow for the beginnings of life and a massive increase in the complexity of rocks and minerals (with the addition of oxygen of course, just check out the chemical formulas for the vast majority of gemstones if you don't believe me, or even the chemical makeups of all life.)

Again, I am only here to replace the insanity of thinking all of existence was the size of a watermelon (big bang nonsense).

We live on a star, vastly older than the Sun. It has a deep, rich, inviting history, a history we should teach our young ones, so they can have real understanding of who they are and where they are going. Big bang does not provide that, neither does the nebular hypothesis.

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