Friday, June 8, 2018

Organic Molecules on Mars, Stellar metamorphosis, LIGO jobs

Well, one of the rovers discovered organic molecules on Mars. They're saying its not proof that life was there at one point, but lets be honest here. Of course there was life on Mars. They just don't want to say it because of, well, the academic culture. I would be ruthless in my judgement of the academic culture still, but now that I know they are trapped due to them needing to be accepted to receive paychecks. Either agree or else you don't get paid. Its similar to Hollywood in a sense, if you aren't liked and are disagreeable with people, guess what? You won't find a job.

Well anyways, here is the paper that shows where Mars fits on the WT diagram.

Another random thought too while we're on the subject. To think... of course they were going to find gravitational waves with LIGO. They were given over $600 million dollars! You better believe they are going to find what they're looking for! Can you imagine? Think of all the people that money employs! The programmers! The janitors! The scientists! All of them getting paid to find shit that doesn't exist! Whew lad!

The Big Boss, "Hey, did you find that stuff that I spent $600 million dollars on to find?"

Random henchman, "Nope. We didn't find shit."

The Big Boss, "Well, you better find it, or all you idiots are going to need to find a new job!"

Random henchman, "You got it!"

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