Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Second Most Read Thread on forum, Electric Universe

Sure, its in the new/mad ideas section, but it has almost half a million views. Sure, many of those views could be bots, but still. How does one get through, to Electric Universe? They have themselves walled off.

So on one hand they claim to be dissidents... On the other, they act just like establishment does. Ignoring new ideas that could help them considerably.

All this being said, I have come to the firm conclusion after 6 years mind you, that electric universe does not care about the discovery that stars and planets are one in the same. This is really bad, from their standpoint, because not only are they not taken seriously by establishment, dissidents such as myself cannot take them seriously either. I was honest to god holding out hope that they'd come to. That they would wake up so to speak.

As it turns out they have built a mental ward, something of their own creation so we don't have to lock them up. Their adherents have named the paint chips on the walls, and the shoes they wear are so worn out so as to not provide protection from the cold concrete, as they pace the halls. They have become what they feared the most, a walled off, arrogant group that refuses to change their ways, even if it means they could improve. Trying to help them is like trying to convince a smoker to quit, they will think you are taking away their livelihood, when in fact you're trying to extend their life, well-being and overall health.

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