Monday, July 23, 2018

Stars are Polymorphic, Stellar Metamorphosis

I was reading a book on galaxies and looking up the Greek/Latin roots for words, and I realized a very simple idea about stars that needed to be written on this cave.

Paper here:

Stars are polymorphic.

Poly meaning many.

Morph meaning change.

So essentially, stars are polymorphic.

You have different:

1. Diameters

2. masses

3. level of core formation

4. elemental ratio on the whole

5. types of atmospheres

6. sizes of iron cores

7. stages of life formation (some are sterile)

8. strength of radiance

9. heat production processes

10. types of chemical reactions

11. Types of chemical equilibriums among material present

12. Ages

13. Orbital distances (or if they even orbit other objects at all)

14. types of hosts (all hosts are polymorphic themselves!)

15. rates of mass loss

16. orbital direction

17. rotational direction

18. orientation of magnetic fields

19. strengths of magnetic fields

20. etc.

You see, scientists are looking at all of the exoplanets(stars/astrons) that they are studying and not concluding that the objects are polymorphic. They are taking their polymorphic nature and trying to make them all form as is, as all completely independent paths, not realizing they are all on the same essential path, but exhibit changes according to their histories, and stage of evolution.

It is both vastly more complex and more simple than they realize or can admit. It is complex in the way they cannot come to terms with, that planets are old stars, and simple for the same reason, we don't need planet formation models that are divorced from stellar evolution models. They are the same things.

What they have done is looked at a baby (stars) and drew up models for how they age, yet never mention how they go through young adulthood (gas giant stages), nor adulthood (water world and Earth type stages), nor how they enter into advanced age (older Earth's, Venus), nor how they actually die (Mercury/Mars).

With all the "exoplanet" data that is coming in, it is clear they have painted a picture of reality that is untrue. Now the truth is coming out and they are in a huff. They claim to be excited when they are proven wrong, now the chickens are coming to roost! They meant being proven wrong on small scales, unfortunately this is being proven wrong on mega scales. Everything they thought they knew was wrong. This is a big, big deal.

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