Monday, July 16, 2018

Some creative thinking on magnetic reconnection.

I think that gravitation is a type of magnetic monopole. Some process of forcing a monopole to exist from a regular magnet also forces the magnetic lines of force to stretch out into infinity (become long range), as well as interact with all matter's proton's.

 It is strange. Astrophysicists assume magnetic reconnection causes a release of energy. It doesn't. It causes the phenomenon of gravitation.

Just think, if you could pull on something gravitationally, you could pull on objects many light years away, as well as increase/decrease the intensity of the pulling, as well since gravitation is a monopole it doesn't matter which direction you are approaching, its all towards it.

What I'm saying is that gravitation has absolutely nothing to do with how heavy something is or how much "mass" it has, it is a rate at which regular monopoles are being formed. Gravitation has more to do with radioactivity than rocks falling to the ground. Really considering this, mass is probably fundamentally electromagnetic. We need to define mass electromagnetically, not with weights.

Gravitation is more than a riddle, it is a fundamental shift in how we view nature.

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