Monday, September 10, 2018

The Sun Will Become a Red Dwarf Star as it Evolves

This exists now. The Sun will not swallow the Earth. No way. Its like a version of some 5th grade yo momma so fat jokes. Yo momma so fat, Thanos had to snap twice.

It will cool, lose mass and shrink into an orange dwarf, then a red dwarf. 

The rate of current mass loss is not a correct description of the Sun's mass loss, due to the fact that we only have at a max, 50 years of the ability to calculate its mass loss rate. 

Seriously folks.

Objects that exist for tens of millions of years need a whole hell of a lot of observation to draw conclusions from. Luckily we have those observations now. 

There is direct observational evidence for the number of stars in the galaxy increasing while they cool, there are more orange dwarfs than yellow stars like the Sun. There are more red dwarfs than orange dwarfs... and there are most definitely way, way more brown dwarfs than red dwarfs...

What this means is that our claims which are time dependent are going to yield very, very little information, per the time used to make the analysis, and the only way to circumvent this bias is to make observations of the stars that have evolved considerably, meaning the ones that are less massive! 

What they are doing is taking a high speed photo of a tree and saying, well, we don't see it growing, so its probably not growing. That's the same thing were doing to the Sun! We've only really been taking measurements of it for a few decades, when that mamma jamma is tens of millions of years old! 

The astronomers are so much in a rush to make conclusions based on extremely limited data, and cannonize it, that they miss the picture entirely! The observational window is not only with respect to ability to analyze data from a seemingly isolated object, it is to extend the data over extremely long periods of time that we have no access to. Thus, we have to make inferences based on observations outside of our own solar system! We have to look at the Suns that have evolved and make accurate conclusions! 

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