Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Phil Plait thinks baby planets haven't been found.

Phil Plait thinks baby planets have not been found.

"For the moment, it’s still rare to get a snapshot of a baby planet. But, I hope, it’s only rare for the moment."
The theories Mr. Phil Plait are using were outdated since inception. The nebular hypothesis that Mr. Plait believes violates the conservation of angular momentum law. Disks do not become spheres in outer space Mr. Plait.

In stellar metamorphosis a star is a baby planet and a planet is an ancient star. They are the exact same objects, only in different stages of evolution. This understanding has been known for some time now. Mr. Alexander Oparin first thought it up in 1924. I discovered the process of stellar metamorphosis myself absent any information concerning Mr. Oparin and continue to work on it because the establishment is genuinely clueless.

Planet formation is star evolution itself. This is not rocket science. 

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