Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Keywords for the Cranks/Crackpots and Pseudoscientists of the world to UNITE!

More keywords for the google search engine for stellar metamorphosis and to collect up the revolutionaries that sense that something is seriously wrong with establishment science. The cranks, crackpots and pseudoscientists of the world unite! Establishment science is trying to drag us back into the dark ages with dark matter, dark energy, black holes, big bang creationism and other nonsense!

Einstein was an idiot, Stephen Hawking is an idiot, Stephen Hawking does not know what he is doing, black holes do not exist, Stephen J. Crothers debunks black hole fantasy, black holes are nonsense, establishment science is clueless, establishment astronomy is clueless, establishment astronomy is wrong about everything, establishment astronomy is wrong about stars, establishment astronomy teaches false information, establishment astronomy is clueless, mainstream astronomy is clueless, mainstream astrophysics is clueless, establishment astrophysics is clueless, stellar metamorphosis replaces the nebular hypothesis, mainstream astronomy is dead, mainstream astronomy does not care for science, mainstream astronomy is a religion, mainstream astronomy is scientism, establishment astronomy is scientism, establishment astronomy is false, Stephen Hawking is dumb, spacetime does not exist, neutrinos do not exist, mainstream astrophysics is dead, mainstream astrophysics is false

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