Thursday, December 12, 2013

Many establishment scientists are pseudoscientists.

It is causing much confusion on the internet as to what a "pseudoscientist" is. People think that because an idea is different or outside of the established paradigm it is a pseudoscientific idea. I don't think this is true. What is true is that pseudoscience is alive and well inside of the established paradigm.

I think real pseudoscience is supposing ideas that can never be tested/experimented on, it has nothing to do with going against the consensus and going against what is believed or taught in school. These ideas include black holes, big bang, dark matter, neutrinos, quarks, higgs bosons, etc. 

These are pseudoscientific ideas, by definition, they can never be tested! A pseudoscientific idea can also hide behind excuse making from the pseudoscientists of establishment.

Big bang can never be observed directly or indirectly, or even falsified. It is pure pseudoscience at its finest.

Black hole pseudoscience is covered by Stephen J. Crothers.

Dark matter can not be detected in all frequencies of electromagnetism. All matter and nature can be detected via electromagnetism. Dark matter is horrendously pseudoscientific.

Neutrinos were invented to explain missing energy. There were never observed to begin with. Not only that, they can pass though 1 light year thick of the element lead in a solid block of material. They only show up when the mathematical physicists need to plug holes in their pseudoscientific models.

Neutrons are made of quarks, yet when they decay they become protons and electrons. An electron isn't a quark. How does a fundamental quark become a fundamental electron? This means the standard model is nonsense. 

Higgs bosons are the mass particle, so they have mass and give mass. A logical contradiction.

The top quark weighs more than an atom of iron, yet iron atoms have top quarks in them, another pseudoscientific claim.

As we see, true pseudoscience is masquerading as science. We have been sold a giant lie and took it all hook, line and sinker. These people need to be exposed for the frauds that they are.

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