Sunday, January 5, 2014

Electric Universe and Establishment Physics Root Assumption

I want to post my thoughts and opinions on Electric Universe.

I think a lot of it is very important and correct, I think a lot of it is absolute hogwash, just like establishment science.

The question we need to ask is this: What is hogwash and what is usable, workable, helpful?

Another question we should be asking is this: What hogwash does the EU believe the same as the establishment? I know the answer to this. It's the assumption that stars and planets are mutually exclusive.

The EU believes stars eject smaller solid worlds.

The establishment believes stars form and their left over remains form smaller solid worlds.

Stellar metamorphosis states that smaller solid worlds are the end result of a star's evolution.  It states that smaller solid worlds are stars that are many billions of years old and the stars that are big hot and bright are relatively young. It is a change in world view. It is a very scary change to those who have been conditioned their entire lives regardless of the facts of nature. It's a change that I will not see in my lifetime. I will be long dead and gone (and I'm 29) by the time these establishment and EU fools admit it.

It's not rocket science reader. Planets are big hot and bright when they are young, as they age they cool, lose mass, shrink and solidify, combining all their elements into molecular structure. Basic star science is apparently blasphemy to the establishment and EU.

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