Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Keywords/phrases for Stellar Metamorphosis

a planet is an ancient star, stars are new planets, Earth is a black dwarf star, Venus is a black dwarf star, Mars is a black dwarf star, Mercury is a dead star, Io is a black dwarf star, the Sun is a new born Earth, the Sun is a baby Earth, Jupiter is a brown dwarf star, Uranus is a proto Earth, Uranus is the next Earth, planetary migration is the rule, stellar migration is the rule, pseudoscience, stellar metamorphosis replaces nebular hypothesis, how planets formed in reality, how planets formed, how planets form, how the Earth formed, how to create the Earth, how to create a solar system, how to create the solar system, how was the solar system born, how was the Earth born, how was Venus born, how was Mars born, nebular hypothesis is false, nebular hypothesis has been replaced, nebular hypothesis is gravity only, stars are young planets, stars are not fusion reactors, stars do not fusion elements, young stars do not radiate internally...

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