Friday, January 24, 2014

How to Tell if Establishment Scientists are Close to Understanding Gravitation

Well, its easy. To humans gravity is a force that pulls. Okay thats fine.

My question is what exactly is doing the pulling? Think about this. If we are to assume that the Earth is pulling a rock down to the ground that is fine. The rock falls because the Earth is pulling on it, easy. The problem I have is this:

The Earth is made of rocks. How can the Earth pull on things, but when you take pieces of the Earth itself they reverse direction?

I mean, the rock that falls is a part of the Earth itself! We are just supposed to ignore it? I think its the rock itself that pulls towards the Earth, and the Earth is the backdrop. In other words, I think the interpretation of it is backwards. Gravity is actually a very strong force, it is not the "Earth" that's doing the pulling, its the objects that fall. There is something missing to the assumption that gravity is a force that pulls because of a "gravitational field". I think what is happening is that gravity is actually a very strong phenomenon, only we think it is weak because it is "assumed" to be caused by incredibly "massive" objects. It has nothing to do with mass at all. We are applying assumptions to places they do not belong and then writing a "math equation" to prove it! WE have literally assigned a cause to something which is not!

It's like that dumb blonde joke. A blonde goes to the hospital complaining that everything she touches on her body hurts. The doctor then proceeds to examine her and comes to the conclusion that her finger is broken.

In other words, I think there are other factors being neglected here. We are looking at gravity as a one force phenomenon. It is a combination of things, to give one effect that we think is one thing because we are so used to seeing everything move downwards and take it for granted there are other things happening.

The problem is that humans are not thinking creatively about the problem because they are assuming that the Earth is pulling things! Yet nothing is attached to rocks as they fall! How the hell does an object know which direction to fall when nothing is attached to it? It's like they have homing beacons! Inanimate matter KNOWS which direction is down! Always!

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