Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mr. Charles Chandler and the Irony of New Scientific Insight

"As concerns how regimented the scientific community is, anybody who disagrees with that should just go over to the JREF or CosmoQuest forums, and say anything at all that isn't quite kosher, and wait 5 minutes. Yes, you're going to get hammered!!! :D And yes, it's plainly obvious that they have somehow come to believe that their way is the only way. They even seem to think that they're doing you a favor by smacking you down. After all, the sooner you realize how foolish you've been, in thinking outside of the box, the sooner you'll fall in with the lemmings and get happy again. :) It worked for them, didn't it? :) Some of us don't get pleasure out of running with a pack of fools, but I guess that's our problem, right?"

Stellar Metamorphosis Thread

Reader, check this out in the CosmoQuest forums:

Notice how most of the threads are locked in the "Against the Mainstream" portion. This is no coincidence.

Against the Mainstream Threads

Notice how most of the threads are NOT locked in the "Science and Technology" portion.

Science and Technology Threads

What would benefit them from locking threads? Yes, you guessed it reader. They are threatening. They are toxic to the lemmings of establishment science. Science is literally trying to correct itself, but is prevented by the people who think they are doing you a favor! Irony at its finest!

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