Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pseudoskeptics and their Emotional Instability

It is well known now that there are very angry people wandering the internet ridiculing people and putting them down if they dare question the authority.

Here is a thread that nails this attitude. It is almost vapid ridicule except for the person "Space Trucker".


I told Mr. Chandler about it and here was his stance:

QDL Summary

"I don't know if this belongs in the astrophysics category, due to the nature of the Stellar Metamorphosis theory, or the psychology category. To date, there have been 82 posts, and none of them discuss the theory — it's all ad hom attacks. What kind of person would participate in 82 posts of ad hom attacks? What are they getting out of this? Is it a catharsis for them — are they actually nice people in real life, because they get rid of their hatred anonymously on the Internet? Or is that too much hatred to call a catharsis? IMO, this kind of stuff is mildly interesting to someone who studies the gangland mentality. Suffice it to say that if Adolf Hitler were alive today, he would have no problem finding people sure enough of their own world view that they would be willing to say (and do?) hateful things to others. Aside from that, there isn't any value in it."

It appears to me that this rational skepticism site is full of emotionally unstable people. You can go there to study this hotbed of neurosis and psychosis, but don't take it personal, people in pain always lash out at others.

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