Friday, April 3, 2015

Electric Universe...Why So Argumentative? Asch Experiment

My readers know that I don't buy into black holes, big bang, dark matter and other establishment garbage. This does not mean that I accept any alternative just because it is an alternative, same goes with Electric Universe stuff.

If you have a genuine alternative to big bang (stellar metamorphosis), black holes (pulsar/quasar science) and dark matter (density wave theory) then please present them and explain to the best of your ability how things work. Do not just parade around claiming things without doing your homework. That being said, I've noticed that attitude and behavior in Electric Universe people and followers of that "paradigm".

They do no homework. No due diligence. No background check on Electric Universe claims. They are like landlords who accept anybody, regardless if they are convicted felons and are planning on making a meth lab in the apartment which they will be leasing.

This brings me to an important point.

Do not accept ideas without examining them! I guarantee you if mainstream cosmology really examined the basis behind big bang, black holes and dark matter they would blurt out, "what the hell is this bullshit?".

But they don't! Which line from Exhibit 2 matches Exhibit 1?

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