Sunday, April 5, 2015

Metallicity Pseudoscience, Big Bang Creationism, Stellar Metamorphosis

The star listed above has been shining for 13.6 billion years. One could wonder... Do they really know this or are they just making stuff up to suit their agenda of Big Bang Creationism?

The object referenced above is just a regular K-spectrum star (orange star little older than the Sun, about 100-150 million years old). Its a little smaller than the Sun and has a lower metallicity because less iron (from meteorites/asteroids) has entered it. This could be a statistical fluctuation! Some stars have more iron entering them than others, giving off a spectrum absent iron! Like, some people eat more food than others, that doesn't mean they are younger!

Or we could go back to believing it is the "most ancient star in the galaxy", regardless if evolved stars actually LOSE their spectrums and eventually solidify into what are called "planets". Old stars do not shine! The fact that this star is shining completely falsifies their belief that it is the oldest star in the galaxy!

When are astronomers going to snap out of their delusion? Modern cosmology in the Ivory Towers has become heinous pseudoscience.

I know, I'm complaining again, but for good reason! I have already replaced their faulty nonsense, but we have to go to the beginning where they initially screwed up. They assumed via calculations (no experimentation) that stars synthesize elements. They don't. They are giant electrochemical events which dissipate the heat and energy of galaxy birth.

The "star" stars out young, and hot and eventually cools. The iron collected will clump together in its center forming a core, which the other elements will clump on top of forming land, molecules, life as we know it. Stars are the life givers, literally. We are standing on an ancient one.

Not only that, but if anything, we can determine how large of a "planet" this object will eventually be if it does not collect enough iron to build a core on. It will be very small, like Ganymede or smaller much further along in its evolution. It is just so sad how astronomers don't see this. It is like they are living in a world of delusion and are proud of it!

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