Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MMR Vaccine and Science Politics

I don't usually stray off topic, but this is worthy.

Check out all the deleted comments, many thousands of deleted comments.

I wonder why that is? Well I can take a stab at it.

Corruption. Massive amounts of corruption.

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  1. iron core? not likely. the core is an electron sun. it is hot and red in color radiating the light.

    gravity is a push from inner space and outer space side creating a pressure and friction which is creating the lava. iron/nickel alloy is exactly between. example you pressing cheese sandwich from both sides.

    iron/nickel or stellar shrapnel if you wish, exists exactly between the sandwich of crust.
    all the pressure and everything needed to create iron/nickel exist there.
    this iron/nickel alloy at the center of crust is what really generating all the magnetic field.

    please read books by Walter Russell and Joseph H. Cater.

    also what happened to the video of moons? did you upload it?
    i did say your theory is somewhat off with the moons within our solar system
    especially titan which has no magnetic field of its own yet has atmosphere denser than earth.


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