Monday, May 4, 2015

Fundamental Physics Prize

This stuff isn't fundamental.

They should call it the, "here's your retirement money now get the hell out of the way" prize.


  1. Do you have explanation for gravity?
    Accroding to Mr. Joseph Cater, Gravity effects are produced by a highly penetrating radiation in the standard electromagnetic spectrum -- about a frequency of one trillion cycles per second, or just above radar frequencies, and just below the infra-red frequency. NASA has had such devices for years

    Gravity as a part of electromagnetic spectrum makes lot more sense than newtonin/einsteinian gravity being solely a property of mass. this may explain how those UFO's are flying and making 90 degrees turns like its nothing.

    Most of the gravity radiation of the planets is created in the top-most 50 miles of their crusts. After that, gravity is significantly reduced. This is because gravity has limited penetration ability.

  2. what happened with the moon video? why haven't you uploaded it yet?
    how does titan have atmosphere denser than earth and no magnetic field?
    how does europa still have ice? how does Io has volcanoes but no magnetic field?


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