Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Theory: Planets formed from tiny glass beads


"How did a disc of gas and dust become the heavenly bodies we find in the Solar System: planets, moons, and asteroids? Four astronomers have now brought science one step closer to answering this enigma."

They will never get close to solving the riddle by assuming the same philosophy. Let us give the public an understanding of the two main philosophies here, the one that causes enigma, the other answers the riddle.

1. A planet is a by-product of star formation.

2. A planet is the by-product of star evolution.

One assumes that planets/stars are mutually exclusive as outlined in the article above. The second one assumes that the star is the new planet. Thus, the concept of "planetary evolution" is introduced. The bright objects in the night sky with spectrums are young/hot planets, or as people call them "stars".

To answer the riddle though, a vast array of false knowledge needs to be trashed. This is my greatest strength, I was never conditioned into the big bang, dark matter, nebular hypothesis, fusion star crowd.

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