Thursday, May 21, 2015

What is the "Core Accretion Model" in Astrophysics?, Stellar metamorphosis

I have outlined the other main issues with the "core accretion" model in a new post here:

The core accretion model in astrophysics is the idea that the cores of planets are formed first, and then the outer material is accreted onto the developed core. So they build the core first, then layer the material onto the core. It sounds reasonable, but only three problems:

1. They build the core without a gravitational field!
2. They build the core absent heat!
3. They build the core absent the ability to differentiate the material!
The solution to their problems are easily solved. The gravitational field required to form a large core only exists where there is a gravitating object large enough to clump the material together, heat and ionize it so that it can differentiate into pure iron/nickel. That means the beginning development of a "core" happens inside of stars themselves.
For my readers the difference is as follows between establishment core accretion model and stellar metamorphosis:
1. Establishment: Core accretion happens outside of gravitating bodies.
2. Stellar Metamorphosis: Core accretion happens inside of gravitating bodies.
The reason why they ignore this finding is because of pressure from peers. The nuclear people who teach "fusion model" of the stars already have young stars like the Sun as possessing cores! So they are caught between a rock and a hard place. One on hand you can theorize core accretion happens where it doesn't, on the other you can theorize something that goes against your peers!

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