Friday, May 29, 2015

Why I do not "get along" with modern cosmologists

Modern cosmologists think they are studying "big ticket" items, but they aren't. Their heads are in la-la land. String theory, multiverses, big bang creationism, accelerated expansion of the universe (expanding into what, out of what mind you?), etc.

If they were pragmatic, they would understand that the Earth is a "big ticket" item. They ignore the very ground they walk on. This is why I do not get along with them. They are not of the Earth, they are airy, ephemeral loons who's pop sci propaganda will be forgotten as soon as its thought up. They are not the torch bearers of human understanding.

They think the greatest understanding is in the sky, but it is not. The greatest understanding is right below their feet. After all, the Earth is in the sky to someone in another star system.

The consciousness itself they experience is frowned upon, as if the "answer" can be found in math formulas. It is a complete detachment from reality they suffer from, a socially acceptable form of insanity...if only they had the correct math formula...


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