Monday, November 9, 2015

Kepler Light Curves, Stellar Metamorphosis

Kepler has 1904 confirmed planets and 4696 candidates.

Unfortunately for the Kepler scientists they don't understand how planets are formed. This is because they assume a "star" is something mutually exclusive of "planet". They are not. They are both "astrons"

A star is a young astron, a planet is an old astron.

This means the actual count is more than double the number of stars found with measured light curves. As each star is statistically hosting one "planet".

2 * 21,665,058 = 43,330,116 planets found

They are experts in finding them, no doubt. When it comes to explaining them however, they are idiots. They have over 43 million new/old Earths found. Will they realize it? Probably not.

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