Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Pebble Hypothesis, Stellar Metamorphosis

So the planets grow from pebbles. Ok. So what is the composition of such pebble material? Is it granite? Iron/nickel alloy? Corundum? Diamonds? Coal? Ice water?

These people are clueless. The pebble moniker is useful for simulations in computers, but doesn't refer to reality. As well, I'm 100% sure to form rocks/minerals in outer space, you know, for the pebble hypothesis to work, you need heat and pressure. Yet outer space is near vacuum and very cold.

Where's the pressure coming from to form the pebbles? Where's the heat? Or do we need to send these people back to school? I mean, are astrophysicists suppose to study geology too? Or is Earth not a celestial object, because last time I checked rocks and minerals (mostly metamorphic rock for this example) require lots of pressure to form, or was my geology professor off his rocker in that assumption?

As well, if rocks encounter turbulence (you know the turbulence required to cause for them to clump together against a smooth computer simulated backdrop), they break apart. This is also called weathering. Check it out, weathering:

Weathering also happens beach side, where the sea shells are broken up into sand:
Fact is, weathering occurs where there is atmospheric pressure, as well as any turbulence in the air. What is happening reader is that astrophysicists think vacuum has weather as does the atmosphere of a celestial object. The idiocy meter of the linked article is off the charts. Not only that, but they assume rocks and minerals form magically. What is ironic is I'm the "uneducated one".

The answer is clear. Earth formed inside of a pre-existing object so that the pressure and heat requirements to form vast amounts of chemicals and rocks/minerals could exist. Without a pre-existing object to clump the material together, you cannot form something as vast as the Earth. Earth is the remains of an ancient (still dying) star. Its not rocket science.

The pebble hypothesis is absurd. They want to form objects as huge as the Earth from trillions of preformed pebbles clumping together. Someone please slap some sense into those idiots.

Besides that, but even with the entire gravitational pull of the Earth, and the atmospheric pressure of Earth's atmosphere, you still can't make pebbles melt together. I know this. If that'd actually happened Home Depot wouldn't be selling them to decorate the outside of people's homes! It is like common sense has completely vanished from the institutionalized sciences!


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