Saturday, November 21, 2015

Some Thoughts on the Book, Avoid Boring People, by James D. Watson vs. Stellar Metamorphosis Discovery

They are lessons from a life in science. James D. Watson together with two others was credited for the discovery of the structure of DNA, by being awarded a Nobel Prize. Not an easy task, it took years of study and having the right people with you, working in a good environment, having lots of cash to carry out experiments, etc.

Their methods of doing things were NOT the same as myself. The discovery that Earth is an ancient star goes to four things:

I took a short class on geology at the University of Maryland, in Okinawa (Camp Hansen) when I was in the Marines back in 2004. I learned simply that Earth had a giant iron/nickel core. That's it. That was the only real lesson I took from that entire class, and it was all I needed.

The second lesson was in my experience with working with welders in auto body class before I went into the Marines. I remember tac welding a few parts and was extremely fascinated with how HOT everything was, and how electricity could melt metal together given the right conditions.

The third essential need I had was to garner a fascination with the stars and the sky and rocks/minerals (at the same time), that was easy. Diamonds and light. Done.

The forth was to look at a simple wikipedia page, and notice how ancient stars had iron interiors, (before they supposedly blew up, which to me is false theory), and were layered like giant onions.

All four things came together at once on September 3, 2011.

1. Earth had an iron core that needed to be welded together with vast amounts of heat. It was a star that formed the Earth, as the Earth was the smoldering remains of a star that had welded all its iron together in its center.

Then it went:

2. That's impossible!

3. No wait...hold on, that should mean we should find stars that are in different size ranges...

4. WE DO!!!

5. All of them are ancient/evolving stars too, only in different stages to their evolution!!!





 Then everything in my personal life went to shit and I began drinking heavily for the next 3 years.

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