Thursday, November 5, 2015

Plate Tectonics was always just a guess...What about Venus?

It does not apply to all evolved astrons (planets). How does a theory of land formation and movement only apply to the Earth? It is because it was invented before the other celestial objects were imaged with accuracy. We can now see that plate tectonics does not apply to other celestial objects thus is now a falsified educated guess.

Do you see plates on Venus? I see a big disorganized mess. It is a big secret... Venus falsified the hypothesis of plate tectonics. Since it was already in the text books for so many years before the surface was imaged, they kept it. It is now taught as dogma and the professors at universities don't bat an eye. Mountains on Venus without moving plates! How dare Nature do as she pleases!

Not only that but if Venus is supposedly the same age as Earth, then where the hell are all the damn volcanoes? You mean it cooled vastly faster than Earth, yet they are roughly the same size? What about the magnetic field why is that completely gone?! It appears to me that the idiots running the astrophysics departments have their heads up their asses!

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