Thursday, September 18, 2014

Galactic Level Phenomenon vs. Stellar Level Phenomenon

Acknowledging all elements/compounds is required to explain star evolution. Which brings me to my main point although not as clearly stated as I would have liked:

1. In establishment dogma, stars cannot contain complex compounds and mixtures, because they are too hot.

2. In stellar metamorphosis, stars do contain all naturally occurring complex compounds and mixtures, because they eventually cool down.

This simply realization is ignored because:

1. Establishment dogma preaches stars are nuclear furnaces (proton/neutron interactions). This means the very act of acknowledging:

a. the importance of physical states of matter (solids/liquids/gases/plasmas), (electron)

b. chemical reactions and the bonds that are formed, (electron)

c.  ionization energies of the material as it undergoes electromagnetic forcing (electron)

Is simply non-existent because to establishment, the driving understanding is strictly "proton/neutron", versus the "electron".

Did I word that good enough?

The reason why I'm drawing up this theory is because A, B, and C are ignored because establishment has placed interactions at the stellar level as purely "proton/neutron" dependent. This is incorrect. Interactions at the stellar level, include A, B and C type interactions, the star cools and dies becoming the "planet". Interactions at the galactic level include the "proton/neutron" (radio galaxies/pulsars/quasars). Thus their theories are misplaced.

Misplacing theories like that naturally will lead to the belief of "electron degenerate matter" as being matter at the galactic level, yet EDM is at the stellar level. Galactic level interactions could possibly actually contain "proton/neutron" degenerate matter, which means that there is matter that does not contain "proton/neutron/electron" yet. But that's something else. The fact that I could even publish an article like that on vixra makes me incredibly happy (without it being censored obviously by peer-reviewers).

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