Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Stellar Metamorphosis: The Brown Dwarf, 2M1207


5,000,000-10,000,000 years old for this brown dwarf...

No, not really. This star is older than the Sun. It is about 250,000,000  -  600,000,000 years old. Their age estimates are way off.


No star is that young and around 2550 Kelvin. Stars that young are around 10,000 Kelvin on their surfaces if not hotter. Remember, in stellar metamorphosis the hotter the star, the younger, the colder more solid the star, the older.

Its companion star is really, really old. Establishment science calls it a "planet" but my readers know better. It is a very ancient star that is in its gaseous stages of evolution. Notice on their page how they do not have an "age" of the star established: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2M1207b  This is because they will automatically assume that these two objects are the same age based on the proto-planetary/nebular hypothesis theory (which has been falsified), and the central star is based on Big Bang Creationism to determine its age.

Establishment science is so lost it is incredible.

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