Monday, September 15, 2014

Mr. Crothers Versus Mr. 't Hooft

This is pretty cool, I've been following it for sometime. Basically what it amounts to in my mind is:

1. Mr. 't Hooft Nobel Laureate believes black holes exist

2. Mr. Crothers takes them as pseudoscience, conjecture that fails both mathematically and physically

I love taking sides esp when it is clear there is a establishment pseudoscientist being exposed. Mr. Crothers is spot on, black holes do not exist. They are figments of overactive imaginations.

Here is Mr. 't Hooft site, scroll down to the bottom, its pretty interesting.

't Hooft:

Perhaps even Mr. C can solve the equations as to what happens when a large spherical body made of dust collapses under its own weight.

Well Mr. 't Hooft, I can actually answer that one. A large spherical body made of dust, more than likely luminescent dust like the Sun, will collapse into a solid body. Plasma recombines into gas, gas condenses and deposits as solid  and superheated liquid structure (liquid hot magma)

 It is basic thermodynamics Mr. 't Hooft. The "star" becomes a "planet". The General Theory of Stellar Metamorphosis covers this. Have you heard of it? It goes over the fact that establishment science has had it wrong now for centuries. Stellar evolution is the process of planet formation itself, the star cools and becomes the planet as it dies and shrinks. It never becomes the fabled "black hole". That is unless you want people to believe the Earth is a black hole? I think its a black dwarf.

There are other establishment pseudoscientists, they are called string theorists. They are going to be exposed eventually too.

I do not endorse Mr. Evans (simply because I do not understand anything concerning his UFT papers) but I do like the fact that he supports Mr. Crothers:

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