Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Neglecting of Metallicity, Therefore the Neglecting of Age Determination

Stars are aged based off the imaginary event called "Big Bang".

Higher metallicity equals young, lower metallicity means old to Big Bang Creationists.

Look at the linked webpage on the site, guess what they forgot to list...

The metallicity was neglected on their data sheet, therefore the age of the star was also neglected.

In stellar metamorphosis stars that are plasmatic are very young, the old star in this data sheet is unfortunately called "the planet", or WASP 23b.

Ooooops. Old stars are called "planets" to Big Bang Creationists. How embarrassing!

What I am wondering is this:

Should I be a gentleman about pointing out their incredible mistake? Or should I just be nice? How have they treated me should be the question. I'll tell ya. They have ignored me, called me names and put me down. Guess what? No more Mister Nice Guy. I'm going to destroy those fools. All of them. They have been holding humanities' head under water with their Big Bang Creationism and Spacetime pseudoscience for long enough.

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