Friday, October 3, 2014

Black Holes are a Belief Now

Black holes are a belief system now.

I can give a simple proof of them not being physical entities:

1. Singularities are zero dimensional objects. (given)
2. Black holes are singularities. (given)
3. All physical objects are 3-dimensional. (given)
4. Since black holes do not possess dimension, they cannot be physical.

So long story short, without 3-dimensions, the black hole collapses into fantasy. To confirm the physical presence of anything you need 3 dimensions (yes, even circles drawn on a piece of paper possess 3 dimensions, the graphite is not 2D), the black hole does not possess that which would require its confirmation, 3 dimensions.

This is easy to figure reader. They are figments of the imagination. They are fantasy. Worse, they are a belief system by our supposed most "educated" of individuals.

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