Thursday, October 2, 2014

Language issues in science

I like reading this guy's blog. I see so many things missing from his analyzing things. Most importantly he downplays the role of language. It is not that pseudoscientists are attacking terminology, it is that some of them are actually trying to get at what is actually being said!

Case in point, when scientists these days look at the stars which do not shine from their own light, they call them planets/exoplanets.

...and then scratch their heads as to how these objects (planets) came to be... all the while wondering what happens to stars when they die...not realizing that the "planet" is the ancient star, and the star is the new planet!

This is all because they have placed terms in inappropriate places and separated ideas in their minds when there was no actual separation!

The "mystery of planet formation" and the "mystery of star evolution" were invented, blockaded by the misuse of language!

The star cools and dies, and eventually becomes a cold dead star. Calling this cool, dead star a "planet" is doing humanity an injustice, and is rooted in basic mental blocks put in place with words that allow us to separate things which were never so!

Reader pay attention, how many things have we separated in our minds which are not actually separate? Think about this, and you too will make a grand discovery like I have!

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