Friday, October 10, 2014

Stellar Metamorphosis: How Do Stars Get Hot?

When cold interstellar dust becomes hot, how does it do so? What process heats up cold interstellar dust to make a star?

Really think about this reader. If you have something cold what do you do? You put a flame on it right? Maybe a fire, or a hot stove top, or even bounce microwaves off the interior of it, maybe if its by rubbing your hands together to produce friction during a cool winter day...

What process heats up cold interstellar dust to make something as big and hot as the Sun?

Astronomers use gravity to heat things up, there's only one problem with that:

Gravity doesn't heat things up.

Lots of processes can heat things up:

1. Friction
2. Flames
3. Electric current

All one needs to do is show me an experiment in which gravity heats up matter and ionizes it and I'll shut up.

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